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H A Ddpio-service.c23 struct qbman_swp *swp; member
39 struct qbman_swp *swp; /* portal used to issue VDQCR */ member
194 struct qbman_swp *swp; in dpaa2_io_irq() local
731 struct qbman_swp *swp; in dpaa2_io_query_fq_count() local
764 struct qbman_swp *swp; in dpaa2_io_query_bp_count() local
H A Dqbman-portal.h532 static inline void *qbman_swp_mc_complete(struct qbman_swp *swp, void *cmd, in qbman_swp_mc_complete()
H A Dswap.h527 static inline int add_swap_count_continuation(swp_entry_t swp, gfp_t gfp_mask) in add_swap_count_continuation()
532 static inline void swap_shmem_alloc(swp_entry_t swp) in swap_shmem_alloc()
536 static inline int swap_duplicate(swp_entry_t swp) in swap_duplicate()
541 static inline void swap_free(swp_entry_t swp) in swap_free()
545 static inline void put_swap_page(struct page *page, swp_entry_t swp) in put_swap_page()
555 static inline struct page *swapin_readahead(swp_entry_t swp, gfp_t gfp_mask, in swapin_readahead()
566 static inline struct page *lookup_swap_cache(swp_entry_t swp, in lookup_swap_cache()
H A Dswapops.h215 static inline int is_migration_entry(swp_entry_t swp) in is_migration_entry()
343 static inline int is_hwpoison_entry(swp_entry_t swp) in is_hwpoison_entry()
H A Dmin_heap.h30 void (*swp)(void *lhs, void *rhs); member
H A Dpgtable.h265 #define __swp_type(swp) (((swp).val >> 26) & 0x3) argument
266 #define __swp_offset(swp) ((swp).val & 0xfffff) argument
269 #define __swp_entry_to_pte(swp) ((pte_t) { (swp).val }) argument
H A Di915_random.c58 size_t swp; in i915_prandom_shuffle() local
H A Dksz_common.h304 #define KSZ_SPI_OP_FLAG_MASK(opcode, swp, regbits, regpad) \ argument
307 #define KSZ_REGMAP_ENTRY(width, swp, regbits, regpad, regalign) \ argument
328 #define KSZ_REGMAP_TABLE(ksz, swp, regbits, regpad, regalign) \ argument
H A Ddebug_vm_pgtable.c722 swp_entry_t swp; in pte_swap_tests() local
735 swp_entry_t swp; in pmd_swap_tests() local
751 swp_entry_t swp; in swap_migration_tests() local
H A Dswap_state.c430 swp_entry_t swp; in find_get_incore_page() local
H A Dhugetlb.c3710 swp_entry_t swp; in is_hugetlb_entry_migration() local
3723 swp_entry_t swp; in is_hugetlb_entry_hwpoisoned() local
H A Dthe_nilfs.c493 int valid[2], swp = 0; in nilfs_load_super_block() local
H A Dst-dma-fence-chain.c642 unsigned int swp; in randomise_fences() local
H A Dpgtable.h306 #define __swp_entry_to_pte(swp) ((pte_t) { (swp).val }) argument
H A Dshm.c860 unsigned long *swp) in shm_get_stat()
1743 unsigned long rss = 0, swp = 0; in sysvipc_shm_proc_show() local
H A Dpgtable.h360 #define __swp_entry_to_pte(swp) ((pte_t) { (swp).val }) argument
H A Dpgtable.h897 #define __swp_entry_to_pte(swp) ((pte_t) { (swp).val }) argument
901 #define __swp_entry_to_pmd(swp) __pmd((swp).val) argument
H A Dintel_lrc.c5515 int swp; in virtual_engine_initial_hint() local
H A Dmlx5_ifc.h883 u8 swp[0x1]; member

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